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FAGE Greek Yogurt – Is it Worth the BZZ Product Review

I will admit, I am not the biggest yogurt fan so I come into the Greek Yogurt craze a bit behind the 8 ball. But life is to try new things, right? So I was excited to try the FAGE (it’s pronounced FA-YEH I’ve been told) greek yogurt. I got my BZZkit with coupons and shared with some family and friends before I make my normal grocery shopping trek.

Safeway had a decent selection of FAGE yogurt for me to choose from so it took me a while to finally decide what I wanted. I got 17 oz container of Fruyo mixed with strawberries, which has always been one of my favorite ways to have yogurt. I was also intrigued with the total cups with mixers, so I picked up a honey, a raspberry, and a cinnamon apple with raisins. I was stocked up and ready to give this a whirl.
Fage fruyo Strawberry Greek Nonfat Yogurt
First off the Fruyo is totally yummy. There are chunks of strawberries in the yogurt, which I love. It wasn’t just strawberry flavored so that was a major plus. I shared the total cups with my husband and we had a couple of thoughts regarding the cups. While the concept was great, the shape of the cups made it slightly difficult to fully mix it all together and we thought it just a touch more of the mix ins. It was almost enough but not quite. Neither of us cared for the taste of the FAGE by itself but then neither of us care for the taste of plain regular yogurt either. fage-greek-yogurt

The husband had the raspberry and said it was really good. The raspberry was very flavorful and he enjoyed the thich creamy texture of the yogurt.

I tried the cinnamon apple with raisins. And I must admit I loved the mix in. I added just a touch more cinnamon to it but I LOVE cinnamon. It is one of my favorite spices. I also enjoyed the thick creamy texture of the yogurt and loved how I had a bite of apple and/or raisins in almost every bite.

We did not try the honey total cup because FAGE came to my rescue. I was making a casserole/macaroni bake (recipe coming to Mad Cookery soon!) and there is one section that requires a cup of sour cream to be spread out over the sauce. I open my fridge and I only have maybe a 1/4 cup of sour cream. Since I was in the middle of assembling the casserole I didn’t want to drop everything to get just sour cream and the hubby was at work. It was then my eyes fell on the FAGE total cup. I grabbed it and mixed the yogurt with my sour cream. It was just enough, could have used a little bit more but it worked. The flavor of the yogurt really added to the casserole and I plan on using it from now on.

So overall my household really enjoyed the FAGE Greek yogurt expereince and plan on having it again soon! We give it 4 out of 5 stars!

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of said product for an honest review. The review is my and my household’s honest opinion based on our experience with said product.